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We're one of the first professional pet massage therapists in the Dallas area.

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It's not just for dogs! We provide massage therapy services to most small animals.

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From hospice care to chronic back pain, we specialize in unique situations.


Does your pet suffer from stiffness, reduced mobility or chronic conditions?
Does your pet suffer from nervousness or separation anxiety?
Do your pet's behavioral problems frustrate your family?
Has your older dog lost the spring in his step?

Does your pet suffer from:
stiffness, reduced mobility or chronic conditions?
nervousness or separation anxiety?
behavioral problems that frustrate your family?
the 'aches and pains' of old age?

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Pet Massage Therapy from a professionally trained practitioner is one of the best ways to maintain your pet's health. Pet Massage is a gentle, non-invasive form of complementary care focused on optimizing how your pet feels and functions. Our clients can attest that in the hands of a caring practitioner, you will realize a difference in your pets overall quality of life.


Kneaded Pets, LLC provides massage therapy to small animals in the comfort of their own homes. We develop a massage plan especially for your pet. Whether you have an older pet that needs special attention to maintain their mobility, a recently adopted pet with stress and anxiety issues or even a perfectly healthy, balanced pet that deserves to enjoy the many benefits massage provides.


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Carrie A. Bryant
Owner, Kneaded Pets, LLC

"Our gratitude for your help in easing her pain is endless."

We invite you to meet a few of our clients and hear their stories about how pet massage with Kneaded Pets changed their pets' lives.

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