North Texas Pet Massage & Small Animal Massage Services

All sessions are provided in the comfort of the pet's own home and surroundings unless specific arrangements are made at the time of booking. Every session will include a full body massage, range of motion exercises and stretching. Carrie will meet with you and your pet, review your concerns and medical history and customize a plan especially for your pet. More specific components may be added depending on your pets needs.

The amount of time required to perform a massage and the cost varies by size of the animal. Please make sure your pet is ready for his appointment, as scheduled. This includes going outside for potty breaks and withholding food at least 30 minutes prior to your session.

Toy Breeds/Cats (<15 pounds) - $30

Please allow 20 minutes for completion of session.*

Small Breeds (16-25 pounds) - $40

Please allow 30 minutes for completion of session.*

Medium Breeds (26-50 pounds) - $50

Please allow 40 minutes for completion of this session.*

Large Breeds (51-75 pounds) - $60

Please allow 50 minutes for completion of this session.*

Giant Breeds (76+ pounds) - $70 and up

* Massage time based on size/weight and may vary.
Note: Additional fees may apply for extremely large pets.

Ask about packages and multi-pet discounts!

*All times are approximate. The fees listed are for basic massage sessions. Should your pet require more advanced sessions and/or longer appointments, fees may be adjusted accordingly. All massage sessions include hands on time as appropriate for size/weight of your pet (noted above) plus charting and discussion with Pet Parents. Please allow additional 10 minutes after hands on time for completion of session.

A $50 cancellation fee may be applied for appointments not canceled within 24 hours of scheduled appointment time. All sessions must be confirmed in advance. Any appointment not confirmed prior to the date of the scheduled session may be removed from practitioners schedule without further attempts to contact the client the day of the appointment. Cancellation fees may apply and repeated skipped sessions without notice may result in termination of services.

There is a 30 minute minimum for all massage sessions. For appointments outside of our general service area, a travel fee may be applied.

Interested in learning some basic massage techniques for home use? Just ask! Kneaded Pets, LLC is happy to offer basic instruction for Pet Parents to use between sessions or when money is tight. Prices and instruction time will vary depending on types and numbers of pets. ***Very basic massage techniques are provided at no charge with each massage session. This tutorial is geared toward those who wish to gain additional knowledge. Group rates are available. This program in no way certifies or entitles particpants to perform massage services except for home use with their own pets.

We serve Allen, Frisco, McKinney, East Plano and surrounding Texas areas.

Contact Kneaded Pets today to discuss how our professional animal massage services can be catered specifically for your pet and to schedule an appointment.

The International Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork

Small Animal Massage is a form of complementary healthcare and not a substitute for the care of a qualified veterinary professional. Massage therapy is not intended to diagnose or cure any medical condition. Always consult your veterinarian before seeking massage therapy for your pet.